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My Lord, increase me in knowledge Sura 20:114





Love, Faith and Fear of Allah: An Eternal Journey
Philadelphia, Pa. Postponed Doubletree Hotel Philadelphia Airport

"This seminar was a 'godsend'.  It has encouraged me to study hadith and inspired me when I needed it most.

"I can't wait for the next Deen Intensive Academy.  Alhumdullilah.  This weekend was amazing!"

"I loved every moment from Imam Siraj to Bro. Carlos to Sis. Ieasha Prime.  If  you can go, don't miss it in you city."

"I learned so much.  If you love the Ramadan Prayerline, you will love this even more."

With countless students seeking an authentic, trusted safe haven to further their studies of Allah’s religion, that's what our students say about Deen Intensive Academy.  We offer in sha Allah, Deen Intensive Academy as a means to achieve the attainable accomplishment of learning more about Islam.  Spend a weekend learning like never before.  Leave with a certificate of completion and a feeling of accomplishment.  This academy is designed for your unique and lasting success.







Doubletree Hotel

Philadelphia Airport

4509 Island Avenue

Free Airport Shuttle

Free Internet

215-365-4150 x 33

9:00 am -Maghrib

8:00 am-Maghrib

8:00 am-Asr





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We are Muslims who strive to be loyal and trusted guardians of the pristine religion of Islam.  We are compelled to fill the divine mission of dispensing knowledge of the religion. Surely it behooves the believer to adhere to Allah's illustrious command in Surah 3:104: “Lest there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining good and forbidding evil”.


All will concur in “inviting to the way of your Lord (Islam)” one must be endowed and imbued with knowledge of the religion. Allah clearly states in His book in Surah 2:239: “He has taught you that which before you knew not.”  The duty upon every Muslim is to teach what he knows. Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said: "Convey from me, even one verse." (Bukhari). Regrettably, failing to do that will lead to dire consequences. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) conveys via another authentic hadith: “Whoever hides knowledge, Allah will brand him with the branding iron from the hellfire.” (Ahmad)


May Allah protect us from the hiding of knowledge. Ameen